VAT Return

From the term VAT Return services we mean that if the VAT edge of any company is not meeting the standards and the annual incomes are less than the VAT returns, ATA Sunrays Ltd is here to offer our reputed services to our respected clients.

How do We Complete VAT Returns
VAT is a complicated process which can only be performed by an expert certified accountant. With ATA Sunrays Ltd, we represent our services through our qualified accountants who perform series of activities in an organized manner just to provide accurate VAT return services to our clients.
Our VAT Return Services Include:
We offer the following specific services to our clients trough VAT Returns:

  • creating accurate and perfect VAT Returns and within time,
  • Availability of dedicated accountant throughout the year,
  • We deal directly with HRMC on the behalf of our clients.

Step by Step Process of VAT Return
Here we are going to present number of steps that we undertake to provide VAT services to our clients.

  1. First of all the facts and figures given in bookkeeping are reviewed in order to keep them at the accurate level.
  2. If any kind of discrepancies are found in the bookkeeping record they are promptly sorted out and we ask the client to amend them immediately so that we can start our procedures.
  3. Give necessary instructions about your cash accounting for VAT, just to make the cash flow smooth and flawless.
  4. After a fool proof check up of all the accounts and bookkeeping records, we double check the accounts and VAT records in order to make the accuracy conform and valid.
  5. The above procedure is performed by any of our highly qualified and professional accountant.
  6. After getting a final satisfactory statement from the client, we finally submit the VAT Return to HRMC.

Costs Incurred in VAT Return Process
Usually the prices related to the VAT Return process are not too high but the nature of job may decide the final rates. For more complex jobs, high rates are taken from the client otherwise the overall rates demanded by us are reasonable.