Cash Flow Forecast

ATA Sunrays Ltd. Is the best companion of all those who are new in any kind of business field and find it difficult to plan for their future because of their uncertain economical and financial circumstances. Cash flow forecast is the backbone of any business and act as the foundation pillar to construct a business empire.

What does Cash Flow Forecast Means?

Through the term cash flow forecast we mean to predict in advance the expected income statement that is required to plan for future projects and revenue generation. From forecasting one means to pin point all the scenarios that may help in creating project budgets, future targets and course of actions.

At ATA Sunrays, we assure our clients that we will predict the future situations that may help our clients in planning for their future projects. So, if you are an owner of a fast growing business and want to flourish your business under safe and sound financial background, just try our services and get the most up to date information and prediction about your accounts and finances.

Our Working Criterion

Once a client gets registered with our ATA Sunrays Ltd for cash flow forecast, we assign a certified accountant to work with the client. Our chartered accountants will prepare a cash flow model for the client on the basis of which future financial position of the business will be predicted. All the expected variables that may affect the future financial position of the business are notified.

Our Accredited Services

The cash flow forecasting services include the following activities;

  • Regular reports on cash flow
  • Detail of all payable and receivable accounts
  • Annual budgeting
  • Cash flow planning and controlling
  • Fraudulent allocation and management
  • Managing receivable cash and payments
  • Periodical review of financial contracts
  • Maintaining an up to dated record of assets and liabilities
  • Managing account statements and evaluating the forecasts
  • Round the clock support services to our clients.

Besides this monthly meetings are arranged with the client in order to give an up to dated cash flow forecast.