Book Keeping

Accounts adjustment and book keeping are the services that are very necessary to be kept up to dated when it comes to financial aspects. ATA Sunrays Ltd provides their services through personal meetings or online contact. The need of book keeping can never be denied for both small as well as big business. Our clients are expert enough to give you an expert opinion just by communicating you through conference calls.

Basic Bookkeeping Tasks

The basics tasks regarding bookkeeping are as mentioned below:

  • Keeping an up to dated ledger
  • Maintain accounts receivable and payable
  • Advisory services on tax returns
  • Payroll processing
  • Inventory dispensation
  • Multiple investment advices

For the bookkeeping services, our staff is highly qualified who are expert in developing financial statements and creating ledgers. Our accountants will assist their clients in organizing tax payments. Annual or semi annual audits are conducted to keep an up to dated record of accounts.

Other Tasks Supporting Bookkeeping
Usually accountants are future oriented and detail oriented. They see a bigger picture of the company’s finances and know how to keep all the account books and ledgers up to dated. We help the clients and recommend our accountants to contact with the clients through mails, cell phone mode of communication or arranging conference calls with them. In case of any emergency, clients are suggested to contact our round the clock online services.

Finances are considered as the backbone of any company and the whole future of the business depends upon keeping the accounts accurate. So, if being a vast or small business owner, you are fed up of the bookkeeping activities, do not mess up your mind anymore and take the most reliable and trust worthy bookkeeping services provided by ATA Sunrays Ltd.

So, if you have any problems related to the following issues like,

  • Profit analyzing
  • Debit and credit accounts allocation
  • VAT owned by you
  • Want to get up to dated management reports for your future plans

ATA Sunrays Ltd is here at your services, try our expertise you will never get disappointed.